Rant: Words

I would like to rant right now. I hate not always having the right words pop into my head that exude exactly what I am thinking. I hate how I trip over words and scramble to look for the right ones. It is such an impediment to have a world in your mind and opinions you wish to express with all of your heart, but you can’t string it all together and execute it verbally.

I cannot argue. I cannot argue. I cannot argue for my life. I am so tired of keeping full out rants and incredible stories and little things about my day that I liked and just everything that I feel, to my own self because I don’t know how to say it out loud. And when I try to, it doesn’t come across how I imagined or to the fullest effect it could have been if someone else were to tell it. And I am so deeply envious of those who are graceful with words, who say exactly what they truly mean to say and can pick out the right words from the top of their head. It’s truly a talent. Maybe one day I could possibly do that… but I cannot express myself for the life of me with words and I just want to punch a wall because I feel so disabled.


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